Chiropractic Testimonials

"After about 5 years of chronic neck pain and the recommendation from my family doctor to take muscle relaxants for relief of my pain and numbness not to mention unsuccessful chiropractic therapy, I had given up hope of relief of my pain. I was recommended to Dr. Kemp and decided to give it another shot, and with the first adjustment I felt immediate relief and, unexpectedly, felt my previously always-stuffed-up sinuses open up. I have not only gained pain relief and an increased range of motion in my neck but I am experiencing relief of my symptoms I had no idea were related! I am so glad I gave chiropractic care another shot because it sure beats muscle relaxants and numbness!"

- L. Bright

"I had been struggling with back pain for about 10-15 years before coming in. Being in my 30’s I thought it was just muscular problems, and not spinal issues. It took me a while to see a chiropractor because my mother had ruptured disc due to a bad chiropractic experience which required surgery, But, I needed help from a professional. My back pains were greatly affecting my life, relationships and my work. I feared I couldn’t be the father my daughter deserved.

After one visit with Dr. Kemp I began feeling immediate relief. Now, after just a couple of months I am nearly pain free, very mobile and can almost keep up with my daughter who is now two. I highly recommend regular chiropractic evaluations and adjustments to everyone I know. This has improved my life in ways I didn’t even realize when I first came to see Dr. Kemp. I look forward to each improvement, and am optimistic when I look forward to the coming years with a health and strong back."

- Bradley B.

"I recently started coming to Dr. Kemp. I was having shoulder and back pain. I wanted to make sure I did not have any more growth in my shoulder due to a bone spur that was removed years ago. Since I have been coming to Spine and Sports my pain has subsided tremendously, now I can move my neck back and forth and am no longer having any shoulder pain. I believe with all the treatments and coming consistently I am feeling much better. I appreciate all the help and wonderful staff."

- Brandi P.

"In 2010, within a three month period, I started three new workout programs. Consequently, my back hurt! I met Dr. Kemps staff at a charity event where I talked with them about my discomfort and made an appointment. After only a few treatments, I became a firm believer in the power of chiropractic care. After about five months of treatments my back discomfort was relieved and I ended my visits.

Then in 2012 I woke up with extreme pain, and ended up at the ER where an MRI showed two bulging discs in my back. Surgery was recommended, with a year recovery time predicted. The surgery was successful (the pain was immediately gone), but even after physical therapy I found that I had lost strength flexibility, and balance in my left leg along with occasional leg and back pain. I returned to Dr. Kemp and his treatments brought some immediate relief. Over time therapy has helped me regain most of my strength, flexibility and balance in my left leg.

I consider chiropractic care to be an integral part of my recovery and continue overall health. I appreciated that my visits included so much more than simply getting adjusted (although the adjustments are amazing!) The inclusion of specific, targeted exercises has helped me recover from my surgery and help strengthen my core muscles. Chiropractic care is a proactive step I can take to maintain and active lifestyle.

Thank you Dr. Kemp! Thank you Spine and Sports Family Chiropractic Center!"

- Brenda R.

"About 3 years ago after the birth of my daughter I reached a point with my scoliosis where I was no longer able to function. I had severe pain and limited mobility that was affecting me and my family. After 18 months of trying different chiropractors, acupuncture, massage and physical therapy, I walked through Dr. Kemps door and said help! He listened and understood me. He took the time to understand my case as an individual and remains cognizant of how fast to move treatment forward without diminishing my quality of life. Six months into treatment I am mostly pain free but more importantly I have regained ease of motion and am starting to feel like myself again. My spine may never be straight again, but if I can maintain motion and quality of life I will be forever grateful."

- Dalyn J.

"I have been seeing a chiropractor on and off for 35 years, ever since a series of car accidents in my teens. I have suffered from migraines and lower back pain ever since. I have felt my past care has been more of a patch and not a fix.

I have been seeing Dr. Kemp for 7 months now and feel like I am a new person. My migraines have decreased by 80% and my lower back pain has been reduced to just a minor issue. Dr. Kemp’s unique professional approach has been a blessing and feel more time with him will results in my being migraine free."

- Dave S.

"I had increasingly aggravating pain in my upper back and neck for around three years. After meeting with Nina at work I went in for my free x-ray. Dr. Kemp told me my neck was “military” straight and that I had virtually no natural curve at all!

My first adjustment and STIM made me feel like a new man for the next two days. After 10 weeks or so of regular three times a week treatment my neck was virtually corrected. After looking at my x-rays after my 30th treatment I was shocked to see the difference in curvature, it looked like a brand new neck. My upper back and neck pain are totally gone and I look forward to working with Dr. Kemp in the future."

- Dylan K.

"I came to Spine and Sports suffering from intense neck and shoulder pain from overuse at the office and gym. After the first adjustment my shoulder and neck felt better. With consistent care, the improvement continued and Dr. Kemp and the Spine and Sports staff encourage forward progress, even when I felt “owwie”.

Now, I am feeling so much better, I know how to counteract the “owwies”, and it is great to be able to go back to normal activities again."

- Donna K.

"I came into Dr. Kemp office after the staff came to Riverside Hospital to give free massages. As a nurse on a stroke unit, I do a lot of heavy lifting. I was having bad neck and shoulder pain. Dr. Kemp found I also have a lumbar problem that probably caused my shin splint problems as a runner years ago. I had never before had a good explanation!

Through the adjustments and therapy I am now pain free and have learned to use correct body mechanics at work. Thank you so much to Dr. Kemp and all the staff!"

- Emily H.

"Before Chiropractic:
Step 1: Get out of bed and try to put my pants on
Step 2: Back hurts so bad I have to sit back down on the bed.
Step 3: Back hurts so bad I realized I have forgotten what I am trying to do
Step 4: Rest in pain for at least five minutes and lie back down on the bed and catch my breath.

After Chiropractic:
Step 1: Get out of bed, put my pants on, and get on with my life.
Step 2: Now I get to sleep in a little longer in the mornings."

- Eric Q.

"When my lower back began hurting, I assumed the pain would go away naturally, being in my mid-twenties. I lived with the pain for a month before finally scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kemp. Within a few adjustment, the pain was gone and has never come back over the weeks I’ve been working with Dr. Kemp.

I highly recommend Dr. Kemp- he and his entire staff are professional and extremely friendly! It’ been a great place to start my mornings thee past few months."

- Jack F.

"After just five adjustments I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the frequency and severity of my headaches. It’s so great to feel good again and not constantly have a dull headache. I have not had my episodes of nauseous migraines since starting treatments."

- Janet G.

"I have suffered migraines (debilitating ones) with sensitivity to light, sounds, nausea, etc. I usually had about two of them a month. Nothing helped except going to sleep and even then when I woke up I still sometimes had pain. I thought it was something I would just have to deal with for the rest of my life.

Fortunately, I started coming to see Dr. Kemp. After a few adjustments I kept waiting for a migraine to develop, but I haven’t had one! I had a slight headache recently but nothing compared to what I was suffering before. The adjustments I have received have mostly helped me get rid of the worst migraines. It is a great feeling to know how much Dr. Kemp is helping me. I hope to keep improving my health and well-being with his continued care. Thank you!"

- J.F.

"I am a school teacher and when I’m not bent over helping students I’m usually at my desk doing paperwork. Over the years I have had constant back problems, partly because of an injury I had in high school that have become more of an issue as time went on.

After visiting Dr. Kemp and receiving my first treatment I immediately felt a relief in the ache. By continuing my regular visits I have found that the constant pain has subsided to the point that I have much more movement in my back and neck now. As the adjustments continue I am looking forward to more improvements and less pain in my daily life and work activities."

- Jim K.

"I had heard about Dr. Kemp for several years before a slipped disc, along with severe back degeneration brought me to his office. I had recovered some from the degeneration from physical therapy but was not back where I wanted to be. Then in May of 2013 I leaned over the wrong way and knew I done something to my back. After another MRI which confirmed the slipped disk, I tried physical therapy and acupuncture. After two sessions of each, which I left both in tears; I decided it was time to try out Dr. Kemps's expertise. My progress is slow but sure, and I can tell I am getting better. I have also never left a session in tears!

I am looking forward to further treatments and increased wellness in the months ahead."

- Karen G.

"When my lower back began hurting, I assumed the pain would go away naturally, being in my mid-twenties. I lived with the pain for a month before finally scheduling an appointment with Dr. Kemp. Within a few adjustment the pain was gone and has never come back over the weeks I’ve been working with Dr. Kemp.

I highly recommend Dr. Kemp- he and his entire staff are professional and extremely friendly! It’s been a great place to start my mornings thee past few months."

- Katie M.

"As a runner at Ohio State, I frequently have a lot of pain in my hips and back. Although some chiropractors haven’t been able to alleviate much I decided to try again with a new chiropractor, Dr. Kemp.

After only a couple of visits, I feel a huge relief in my back and hips. Each appointment I feel better, but I couldn’t believe how much relief I had after my first week of visits. I also had stress reactions in my shins and Dr. Kemp was able to help these with hands-on methods and advice.

I am a return patient and will continue my preventive care. I am very thankful for this find!"

- Keelin G.

"I came to see Dr. Kemp because my lower back hurt. After taking some x-rays it was discussed that my neck had no curve. I couldn’t believe it.

We started adjustments, stretching, and “the wedge”. Not fun! But it is working! I am feeling better and having fun coming here. I am looking forward to seeing the results of my next x-rays!

Who knew I needed more curves?!"

- Lori H.

"I came to Dr. Kemp for relief from chronic migraine three times a week, headache, neck pain and jaw (TMJ) pain. I was skeptical about whether he could help me but willing to try. I began having headaches as a child and didn’t like the side effect of the drugs that were previously prescribed.

Dr. Kemp adjusted my neck three times a week for 60 visit beginning in December 2012. My last major migraine was at the end of January. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Kemp and all his staff were wonderful during my six months of treatment."

- Melissa W.

"I came to Dr. Kemp after months of pain in my hip and lower back. My job requires me to sit for hours and it was almost impossible because of the pain. I also found my sleep pattern changing because I could not get comfortable and my frequent use of the bathroom. After a few weeks of treatment, I noticed a difference in my sleep pattern as I was able to sleep comfortably and not have to use the bathroom as often.

Within that time I was able to return to my exercise program without pain. I continue to see improvement with each visit and have signed up for a half marathon in a few months. I feel confident that I will be able to run this face pain-free!

Thank you Dr. Kemp and staff for helping me return to my daily activities pain-free!"

- Michael R.

"I was referred to Dr. Kemp through my gym. I am a school nurse who some days sit at a desk, other days I am up and down assisting students. Upper back and neck pain have been a problem for years. Migraine headaches have been in my life since college. I found myself with frequent headaches and shoulder pain.

After my first week of treatment I was amazed at the release of tension and my increase of flexibility. I feel better than I have in a long time thanks to the well-coordinated team work and treatment of Dr. Kemp and his staff."

- Nancy L.

"I am not one to use hyperbole unless it is truly called for and it is truly called for now. I was dumb-founded and in speechless amazement today when I saw through comparative x-rays, the tremendous improvement in the curvature of my spine. I have never known (or believed) that such improvement was possible through chiropractic treatment and car. No other chiropractor has ever accomplished such an amazing outcome for me. This result has improved my posture my gait and the pain that brought me to this practice in the first place. I can look forward to added years of spine health that I would not have had without your work.

Thank you so much, Dr. Kemp for ignoring my complaints and for persevering to prove to me what you said the first day I came in, “we can fix that.” You and your staff have always been so pleasant, professional and supportive, that I will highly recommend you to everyone I know. Now, will you stop calling me Patty?"

- Patricia H.

"I recently started coming to see Dr. Kemp and already I have noticed a great amount of relief. It’s so awesome knowing that someone is willing to help me become better and listen to my complaints.

Dr. Kemp and his staff is an awesome crew. Thank you guys."

- Ryan S.

"I have had lower back pain for the past few years that I thought were a result of moving heavy weights around at the gym and at work. Spine and Sports was referred to me by my gym and thank God I came in!

Each treatment leaves me feeling better and better, and although my vertebrae will never be 100% normal I can’t believe the amount of pain relief and strength gain I have experienced."

- Scott F.

"In the beginning I was very hesitant and skeptical about chiropractic care and whether it could help; now, I wish I started a few months earlier. I came in with pain and lack of movement in my neck and found I had issues I never knew about.

Dr. Kemp’ personal consultation and his approach to genuinely care about his patients well-being has kept me coming back and feeling confident with my progress."

- Shaun H.

"I came to Dr. Kemps office after having problems with my right shoulder for about a year. My mom highly recommended to see him and I have been better ever since. The reason behind my injury was unknown for the most part but Dr. Kemp and his staff have been unbelievably helpful and my shoulder has felt better after every treatment! Thank you so much for all your help and support."

- Sophie L.

"When I first came into Spine and Sports I felt sore tight and miserable. Since May 20th I’ve changed in my range of motion, posture, and pain. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be able to do things again exercise without pain, etc. It makes me sad when I see people hurting and they don’t get help. I will forever send people here to get better."

- Tricia T.

"I was having repeated headaches and cold/sinus issues. I have had chiropractic care in the past for a work related injury and it helped. Unfortunately I was between jobs and quit going.

Within my first month of visits with Dr. Kemp my headaches were gone and the cold/sinus issues haven’t returned. My second x-ray revealed positive results and reinforced what I was feeling. Hallelujah for the type of care!"

- William M.

"I came to Dr. Kemp with back problems that had no original root cause or traumatic causing event. I have a young child, live a very active lifestyle (bicycling, kickboxing & occasional jogger), and I have a demanding job working with teenage youth in a mental health treatment facility. Let’s not mention my volunteer work and current pursuit of a master’s Degree.

Not only was Dr. Kemp flexible with my demanding schedule, he also prescribed a course of treatment that has improved my quality of life that took its toll on my back. I have also begun seeing the nutritionist, Kelly, to continue onward towards my path of optimal wellness. The courteous staff has become familiar faces and the overall experience has been invaluable. I cannot thank them all enough for bringing their A-game so I can return to mine."

- William S.

"Although I came to see Dr. Kemp for an old neck injury, he also started to treat plantar fasciitis that had persisted for some 6 months. Within just a week or two it was markedly improved, and I can now walk and work pain free. Yes the neck issue has improved as well."

- E. Cundiff

"When I first started coming in to Spine and Sports I was a little skeptical about whether or not I needed to be coming twice a week. Dr. Kemp promised he could cure my migraines but I wasn’t convinced that my neck was the only cause of my migraines since I wasn’t having neck pain. Most people who come to the chiropractor have a constant pain so it is easy for them to notice a positive change right away. It wasn’t until a month had gone by that I realized how much the readjustments were helping me. I had gone one whole month with only one migraine. I only used one migraine pill instead of the whole pack, or 12 pills which I typically went through in a month. I am excited to continue with my treatment so that IU can continue my life migraine free! Thank you!"

- Ellie D.

"I came to see Dr. Kemp with lower back pain. It was to the point where it would wake me up at least once a night. After I came to see him, he came up with a plan to help with my pain. So far after each visit I continue to get relief. It continues to get better. Hopefully when I’m all done with treatment I will be 100% better."

- Bella T.

"I originally came in to see Dr. Kemp regarding my hip. I had fallen while doing hand stands at the gym and knocked it out of place. During my initial visit Dr. Kemp noticed my head seemed a little far forward and I told him I had previously been treated for a reverse curve in my neck and headaches. I mentioned my headaches had been back and were more frequent again. He took an x-ray and I had lost the curve in my neck and he has been treating it. Since I have started treatment my headaches have been less frequent and less severe."

- G. Gayheart

"I have had back pain for 3 years ever since I fractured my back in High School football. After coming in to Spine & Sports Chiropractic I began to feel like I could at least manage my pain on a day to day basis. Chiro gave me an alternative to surgery at a time in my life that surgery isn’t an option."

- Ryan B.

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