It always feels great to take time off work and relax. While you could do that by just going to the pub or watching a movie, there are even better ways to relax and rejuvenate your body. You could spend your time unwinding in parks and museums, which helps you to calm your brain without getting intoxicated. In this article, we are going to look at the top five parks and museums to visit in Columbus.


If you enjoy the calming sound made by a waterfall, then you will enjoy a visit to Hayden Falls Park. It's an actual waterfall located within a few miles of a leading shopping center in Columbus OH. Its exact location is along 4326 Hayden Road, Columbus OH. The waterfall formed because of River Scioto curving a gorge close to the Griggs Reservoir, which created a cascading waterfall.

Wooden staircase circles around the waterfall, and to get to it, you have to walk through a lush park that reminds you what nature is what pollution. The falls provide a great place to take photos and offer you an opportunity to take a break from the jostling and bustling of city life. You may contact the park’s management by calling (614) 645-3300.


Schiller Park is a European-styled promenade located in the historic German Village area of Columbus OH. The park was established in 1867, and locals named it after a famous German poet by the name of Friedrich Von Schiller. His statute is built right at the center of the park. During the first world war, the anti-German war sentiment led to the renaming of the park temporarily to Washington Park, which lasted until the end of the war.

The park has an area of 23 acres and has a tranquil fishpond circled by wide red brick paths. Since it's a community recreational park, it has tennis courts and visitors get treated to an outdoor theater during the summer months. The park's management may be contacted by calling (614) 645-3300. You can also stop by driving to 1069 Jaeger St, Columbus, OH.


This is one of the liveliest places to be in Columbus OH, thanks to its connection to Ohio history. It's designed as a 19-century replica of an Ohioan village, which allows visitors to go back to the simpler way of life by engaging on onsite activities. Some of the places you may want to visit while there are the town hall, schoolhouse, general store, and the village green where you may even play a game of the 19-century "basketball." Don't engage the actors, they may force you to take up some 19-century work! If you wish to visit this village unannounced, just drive to 800 E 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH. You may also call (614) 297-2300 if you need assistance.


If you love art, then this is among the best places to start your visit to Columbus, OH. They have a great collection of 19 century and 20 century of impressionist, cubist, and expressionist pieces from both American and European artists. One of the paintings and lithographs you shouldn't miss when you visit this museum is that of Gorge Bellows, who is known as being one of the finest painters of his time. Moreover, he was born in Columbus OH. The museum is located along 480 E Broad St, Columbus, OH, and you can contact the management by calling (614) 221-6801.


If you wish to learn about the history of Ohio, the Ohio History Center Museum the best place to start. In this museum, you will get to see 10 different artifacts that vary greatly, such as the “Following in Ancient Footsteps.” That exhibit documents a 15,000-year history of the people who live in Ohio during that period. A more recent but equally exciting exhibit is the “White Castle: The History You Crave.” It gives you a detailed history of the White Castle, an iconic company that started in Ohio. To get to this great museum, you simply have to drive to 800 E 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH. You may also call (800) 686-6124 to make inquiries.

We hope that you found this article to be engaging and informative, and you will have a great time visiting Columbus, OH.